Vietnam Visa – How to Get a Vietnam Visa for U.S. Citizens?


Are you planning on visiting Vietnam on your next vacation but know little about the visa process? A Vietnam tourist visa for US citizens is not that difficult to obtain and is not costly. There are different ways to get a Vietnam tourist visa. A Vietnam tourist visa application can be completed online or at a Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate. If you visit the embassy, the visa will be stamped in your passport. If you apply online, you will get a one entry E-visa after approval. You can get an approval letter and present it on arrival at the visa office.

Vietnam Visa Cost

A Vietnam visa for US citizens cost varies on the visa type. A single entry with one-month validity will cost $45.00, a single entry with three months validity will cost $55.00, multiple entries with one-month validity cost $73.00, and multiple entries with three months validity cost $95.00.  The fee must be paid in US dollars or Vietnamese Dong.

If you want to get your visa on the same day or the next, the prices will vary as well. For single-entry with one-month validity, same day will cost $40.00 and next day is $30.00. For single-entry with three months validity, the same day is $50.00 and the next day is $40.00. Multi-entry with one-month validity, the same day is $43.00 and the next day is $33.00. Multi-entry with three-month validity, the same day is $65.00 and the next day is $55.00.

US Passport Requirements

For a US citizen to get a Vietnam tourist visa, their passport must have at least six months validity and one blank page. A passport with less than six months before expiration will not be accepted even if it contains blank pages. Likewise, a passport with enough validity without a blank page is not going to get approval. This rule applies to both adult and a minor passport.

Once you have the requirements to apply for a Vietnam visa, you can visit the embassy in your state to submit your documents. You can also go online to the Vietnam visa official site and apply for an E-visa. Or, you can give your approval visa letter and get your Vietnam visa on arrival at the airport.