Some of The Best Countries to Travel on a Budget in 2019


There are many places to visit in this world, but before you book your ticket, read this blog first. We will give you a list of the best countries to travel on a budget. The cost is based on how much you will pay per day.

There are other countries that will offer similar memories, however, the cost will be the difference. Also, be sure to have all your travel documents in order before you travel.


Indonesia has beautiful beaches, lush rice paddies, and elaborate temples. It is known as a backpacker paradise. Places to visit in Indonesia are Bali, Lombok, Java, and Sumatra.

As a budget traveler, Bali will cost $27 a day and Jakarta $22. You will pay $32 per night in Bali at a four-star hotel or $8-$12 at a hostel. If you want your personal driver, you can have one for 10 hours, and it will cost you only $50.


India has a lot to take in in just one day. So, you must stay for a few days. It is well with budget and you surely well get all you can for it. You can visit Delhi, Goa, and Mumbai.

The cost is very reasonable in these locations. For instance, hotels in Delhi can cost as low as $30 per night and more in Mumbai. However, you will pay $8-$10 per night at a hostel.

In India, one of the cheapest things you will come across is the food. Street vendors have some of the best foods like steam dumplings, dosa, and biryani rice that will cost less than a dollar.


Poland is another country that won’t disappoint you when it comes to cost. Food and a place to stay is so reasonable. If you want to visit at a four-star hole, it will cost about $50 per night in Warsaw. However, at a hostel, you will pay $6 per night.

The food is also cheap. A plate of perogies, well known for its popularity in Poland, will cost about $5. For beer lovers, you can have a half liter for under $2.

Anyone who wishes to visit the Chopin Museum, it is $5, and Krakow’s National Museum is less than $3.


In South America, Bolivia is one of the least expensive places to visit. It is estimated that you can spend $27 a day to tour different areas. You can buy street foods like the saltenas for as little a dollar. Visiting a museum will cost less than $3.

The four-star hotels in Bolivia are a bit pricey. You will be about $70 a night or if you are willing to save, look for hostels that will cost a lot less.

Mexico City

Mexico City is known for its hustle and bustle, but beyond all that, you will find the prices to be reasonable. You will pay under $30 per night at a four-star hotel. It will be even cheaper at a hostel.

We all love some Mexican cuisine. So, you can have all the tacos or tamales for about 30-50 cents each. You can have a full course meal for as little as $30.

Getting around is cheaper than driving yourself. You can use the metro that is about a quarter and $5-$6 with an Uber.

Costa Rica

In Central America, there are a couple of countries that will make you feel like you are in paradise. Costa Rica is one of these countries. You have beaches, rain forest, and volcanoes to see.

In San Jose, you can spend about $29 a day and $6-$15 per night at a hostel. For dinner, it will cost just about $10 and the local imperial lager for $1-$2 per bottle.

On the high end, a four-star hotel will cost about $125 per night. As a compliment, you get a pass to the Baldi Hot Springs for way more than the regular price.

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