Signs You’re a Frequent Flier


Some of us may fly once or twice a year to visit our families, go on a vacation, or to a conference. The distance can sometimes discourage us from doing it frequently.  For others, flying is all they think about. I have a friend that fly about five times annually. Imagine another person flying ten times a year. Do you know how many frequent flier miles these people rack up annually? A large number I would imagine.

Well, if you are one of many who frequent flies, there are many incentives offered by airlines. The most notable one is frequent flier miles. You are getting such an incentive to encourage flyers to register with at least one airline. So, after looking at comments from frequent fliers, we compiled a list of notable signs that will determine whether you’re a frequent flier.

Signs You’re a Frequent Flier

Frequent Fliers Get the Best Bargains

People who travel often have a different way of traveling than the rest of the traveling population. Oftentimes, they know things the average flyer doesn’t and get deals the average flyer wouldn’t receive. From airline miles in the thousands to knowing every plane by name, there are distinctive signs that you know more than a casual flyer. Besides knowing the signs, there are many rewards and benefits of flying so often.

You Know the Airport By Code

The first sign comes before even getting to the airport. Traveling enough by plane makes you refer to a city by the airport code, not by the name of the city. When you get your passport out to go through the checkpoints, you have no problem rehearsing your passport number back 10 times over. In addition to also getting the fast pass through TSA, you also tend to sit in the premium lounge designated for people with first class tickets or a lot of miles to their name.

You Know the Flight Attendants by Name

Getting on a plane is like entering your second home, and there’s a good chance you know the names of most of the flight attendants and they know yours. You spend so much time on the plane that you do most of your shopping through SkyMall instead of regular stores. As you’re mumbling the airplane safety message that’s been ingrained in your brain, you remember that once again your passport has no more space for stamping and that it’s time to get a new one.

Your Check-in is Quick

While the signs of being a frequent flier are visible once pointed out, being a frequent flier is not a bad thing at all. In fact, there are many benefits for those who travel all the time. One of them is easy check-in. Instead of having to wait in long lines to check in, your information is already stored in the databases of the airlines which saves you some time on the lines.

Get the Most Frequent Flyer Miles

Another luxury is all the frequent flyer miles you build up over time. These miles pay for other flights, amenities and anything from the SkyMall. You can also trade your miles for experiences such as vacations, sports events, and music concerts. Frequent flyer miles points allow you to upgrade yourself to business or first class from economy class if there are available seats.

Although traveling might be a big time consumer and can have its downsides, the rewards that come with traveling just make it worth it to go around the world and see what the world has to offer.

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