How To Get a Second Passport


A second US passport is given under unique circumstances. To get a second passport, US citizens must provide proof to the State Department of why the need for another while in possession of a valid US passport. Most frequent travelers know that having a second US passport will alleviate traveling stress at airports or getting a foreign visa.  So, having a second US passport has quite a few benefits.

Applying for a Second US Passport

You must provide these items when applying for a second US passport:

  1. Completed DS-82 Form
  2. Provide your Social Security Number
  3. Submit a second passport request letter
  4. Submit evidence of US citizenship and identity
  5. One passport-size photo (must be recent)
  6. Written employer statement (if applicable)
  7. Passport fee

Steps To Getting a Second US Passport

Complete Form DS-82: You must complete DS-82 if you have a valid passport that is not damaged. If you never had a passport before, then you must apply for one by completing Form DS-11. To get a passport for the first time, you must submit Form DS-11 in person. Once you have your new passport, only then can you apply for a second passport using Form DS-82.

Provide Your Social Security Number: You must provide your SS#, which is unique to others, as a proof of identification. If you don’t have SS #, then complete an SSN Declaration form and submit it with the application. On your passport application, fill in the section for your SS # with zeros.

Submit a Second Passport Request Letter: Submit a letter explaining the need for a second passport. Detail your explanation as clearly as possible to prevent rejection.

Submit Evidence of US Citizenship and Identification: You can submit an original or a certified copy of your birth certificate. Also acceptable is your Naturalization Certificate or Citizenship Certificate. You will get all your documents at the end of the process.

Passport-size Photo: Submit a recent passport-size photo. The photo must have all the requirements set forth by the State Department in regards to a passport photo. You can take your picture or go to a professional.

Written Employer Statement: If your trip is business related, then you can get a letter from your job stating the reason or reasons why you need a second passport. Make sure it has the company logo or letterhead for it to be an official document.

Passport Fee: Include among your documents a certified check or money order with the exact amount payable to the State Department for your passport. Sending the right amount can help with any delays related to payment.

Reasons to have A Second US Passport

Access to other countries: Some countries for political reasons make it difficult for some travelers to enter the country after coming from a Middle Eastern nation. For example, you frequently travel to Pakistan or Afghanistan you will likely get more attention from customs and immigration. Similarly, having an Israeli visa stamp in your passport and trying to enter Algeria, Indonesia, and Malaysia would be very difficult or impossible to get in. A second passport will resolve the issue of showing visas obtained from some countries you visit in the past.

Other is unavailable: Having your current passport locked away in a safe deposit box can prevent you from traveling internationally. By having your passport in a safe place is good but if you are unable to access it, what good is it to you. So, apply for another will help until you can retrieve the unavailable passport.

Visa application: Some visa application process can take some time, and if you must travel before the process completes, you will not be able to. Many individuals who conduct business in different countries are usually moving between them. To enter or exit other countries, you may require a visa and have two passports can prevent a trip delay.

Not every application gets approval. Your reason must be valid to the Statement Department before you get a second passport. If your current passport was lost, stolen, damaged, or expired, you should not use Form DS-82 to get a second passport. In cases like that, you must apply for a new passport and use a different application form, DS-11.