Regional Passport Agency & Expedite Passport Application


If you need a passport or a new passport, you can get one by mail, using a special envelope from the post office where it will process at the National Passport Center. You can also get your passport at a passport agency, which is in 26 different cities around the United States. Finally, you can get your passport by using a passport expediting company.

According to the United States Passport Guide, the standard time it takes to process a passport application is four to six weeks. Most travelers should generally expect about six weeks although the timeline can be shorter. Sometimes people have emergencies and require a passport much faster. There is a place a person can go to for that assistance.

You are getting ready to travel internationally and you wonder if you need a passport. Yes, you need a passport if:

  • You have never had a passport,
  • You were under 15 when you got your current passport,
  • You have lost your passport,
  • You haven’t used your passport in 15 years.

Regional Passport Agency List

Expedited Passport Services

There is a method people can go through which will cut that time in half. So, applicants can have their passports as quickly as two to three weeks.

For the applicant, the process for getting an expedited passport is the same as the normal procedure. The difference is you will need to show that you plan to travel soon, and your payment for the passport service will be $60 more than the standard charge. The need for proving that you will be traveling ensures that people aren’t requesting expedited services just so they can get their passport faster.

Urgent Passport Services

There are 26 cities around the United States that have regional passport agencies. These facilities will process passport applications in as few as eight days. Applications that go through these offices can be submitted by you, by an authorized third party, or a registered courier service. There are experienced professionals who can be hired as expediters to assist in this process. An expediter can assist you if you live far from a regional passport agency. If you don’t have the time that is necessary to go through the application process. Or, if it is important that the process is completed in an especially timely manner.

Your passport is what allows you to conduct business, or to learn and experience other cultures in other countries. Without your United States passport that provides the needed documentation to prove your citizenship in the United States, your plans for international travel are thwarted. Learn what you need to do to get your passport and to ensure that you have it as quickly as possible. Without your passport, you will almost certainly stay at home.