Registered Passport Couriers


Registered passport couriers exist for one reason and one reason only: to help make sure that your next important trip isn’t delayed due to any type of issue with your United States passport or due to processing problems. While it is true that the standard processing time for a United States passport application is between four to six weeks (or longer during the peak summer travel and the winter holiday travel seasons), there is still a very effective way to get your documents in hand before you head off to the airport.

Expedited Passport Couriers

Expedited passport couriers will come to your home and collect all of your documents personally. They will then take your documents to the passport agency, submit everything on your behalf, wait for processing to complete and return to you with your United States passport in as  24 to 48 hours. While this is an way to get your passport situation taken care of, many people still don’t pursue it because they don’t  understand what these companies are or how they work.

Passport Expediting Explained

A private passport courier is not affiliated with the United States government or the regional passport agencies in any way, though these hardworking individuals do work closely with these organizations on a daily basis. In order to be a passport expediting service, a private company must register with the passport agencies in order to collect all of your documents and submit them on your behalf without requiring you to be there in person.

This registration is not something that is handed out to just anyone – there are strict requirements that a private company must meet in order to do so, meaning that anyone that does have the appropriate registration is most certainly a company that you can trust with such personal documentation.

The fee structure for registered passport couriers normally requires an additional fee to be paid to the private company on top of the fees that you will have to submit in order to properly process your passport with the passport agency. While this is a more expensive way to get your important travel documentation in hand ahead of your big trip, its success rate is very high and ultimately it will be a small price to pay for knowing that your trip can go forward without any type of significant delay.