Proof of Travel Plans for U.S. Passport


If you are planning to travel out of the country, it’s always best to get your passport early; apply several months before your trip. However, what if unexpected plans or events occur, requiring you to get a passport quickly? If your travel is less than four weeks away, you will need to expedite your passport. If you are an adult applying for a passport for the first time, in order to expedite your passport, you will need to show proof of travel. In other words, you need to provide documents that prove that you have already made/are making plans to travel out of the country.

What Documents is Considered Proof of Travel

What will be accepted as proof of travel? The following are acceptable documents:

• An electronic ticket or email confirmation from an airline

• An airline reservation

• A reservation with a travel agency

• A business letter from your company or employer, on company letterhead, stating that you need a passport (You cannot expedite a passport for potential employment opportunities.)

You must provide two copies of one of the above documents within 14 days of submitting the application.

The Business Letter

A business letter does not furnish a guarantee that the passport application will be approved; these are accepted on a case-by-case basis by the U.S. Department of State. It is recommended that confirmed travel itinerary or hotel confirmation be provided. If a business letter is provided, it must be on company letterhead, very specific – including the applicant’s name and job title, destination, dates of travel, reason for travel, and employer’s contact information – and have an original ink signature by a company representative other than you, with his/her job title included. Samples of business letters can be found online.

For Driving Plans (Canada and Mexico)

If you are traveling to Canada or Mexico and will be traveling by motor vehicle, a brief letter should accompany the application. This letter should state your name, the country you will be visiting, the border you will be crossing, your dates of travel, means of travel, reason for travel, and contact information, including phone number.

Keep in mind, for expedited service for first-time applicants or for lost or stolen passports, application must be made in person.