Proof of Identity For U.S. Passport Application: What’s Accepted?


Whether you’re applying for a new passport, renewing an expired passport, or applying for a minor’s passport as their parent or guardian, you have to provide some proof of identification. But what’s accepted?

Proof of identity for a U.S. passport application should be in the form of a government-issued document including a photo of yourself, and at least one of the primary ID options below should be provided. If for whatever reason, you are unable to provide one primary photo ID, you can provide multiple secondary IDs instead.

Here’s a complete list of all primary and secondary IDs currently accepted for passport application.

Primary IDs

  1. Fully valid driver’s license in good condition – can’t be a learner’s or temporary permit
  2. Undamaged U.S. passport – can be expired, but must contain a recognizable photo
  3. Certificate of Citizenship – with recognizable photo
  4. Certificate of Naturalization – with recognizable photo
  5. U.S. military ID
  6. Government employee ID
  7. Current foreign passport – must be valid and undamaged
  8. Permanent resident card (Green Card) – most commonly used by parents when applying for a minor’s passport
  9. Matricula Consular (Mexican Consular ID)

Secondary IDs

  1. Fully-valid non-driver ID in good condition
  2. Out-of-state non-driver ID
  3. Out-of-state driver’s license
  4. Temporary or learner’s driver’s permit
  5. Social Security Card
  6. Student ID
  7. Employee ID
  8. Voter registration card
  9. Expired driver’s license
  10. Health card i.e. Medicare

When proof of ID is requested throughout the passport application process, it’s highly recommended you provide one primary ID if possible. However, in some cases, this isn’t always doable, so providing a combination of valid secondary IDs can be done instead.

When presenting your chosen form of ID, you must provide photocopies of each form of ID you submit. For obvious reasons, your actual ID documents are unable to be kept on file by the U.S. Department of State so, to ensure the process is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible, making sure to have clear photocopies on-hand is a must.

Within all passport applications, proof of identity is perhaps the most important supporting document(s) you must provide, so it’s essential it’s done right to avoid application rejection.