Passport Tips To Go By


Your passport is a valuable asset that will help your world travels go smooth and easy. Here are some helpful passport tips to go by that will come in handy no matter what stage you are at with your passport.

1. Apply by mail or in person.

If you don’t live near one of the hundreds of passport offices in the U.S., you can mail in your passport application. Mail-in passport application forms can be found online and printed out. Be sure to choose the right form according to whether you are applying for the first time or whether you are getting a renewal passport.

2. Decide if you need your passport in a hurry.

If you are traveling within the next 30 days, you should pay the extra fee to get expedited service. This will bring your passport application to the head of the line so it can be processed and given to you as soon as possible.

If you have an emergency situation and you need your passport within 14 days, or you also need a visa to travel to your destination, you can apply for emergency passport service for an extra fee.

If your travels will take place after 30 days, or you have no immediate travel plans, then a routine passport service should suffice. Typically, you would receive your passport within four to six weeks, although it’s possible it may take longer than six weeks. The amount of time it takes to process your passport application depends on the complexity of the application and the number of applications received overall.

3. Apply for a passport even when you don’t need it.

The best option is to apply for your passport even if you have no need of it. Having a passport is a convenience that is a privilege, and you can never anticipate your future situation. Remember that your passport is another form of identification. If you are ever without other forms of I.D., most business and agencies will accept your passport as valid identification. When you apply for a passport even when you don’t need it, you also avoid paying for expedited service, and you can relax about the timing for processing your passport application.

4. Keep your passport safe.

Once you have your passport in your possession, make sure you keep it safe. When you travel abroad, keep your passport with you. If you are stopped for any reason, you can instantly prove you are an American citizen so you will be protected. At home, keep your passport with your other valuables, such as in a home safe.

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