Passport Requirements for a Cruise – A Guide for a Cruise [2019]


Are you planning your next vacation to be a cruise trip? Now, your next question is, do you need a passport for a cruise? There are some passport requirements for a cruise that you may consider. Cruise ship experts’ advice is always to carry a valid passport regardless if you will need it or not.

There are cruise ships that go all around the world and while there are others that remain in the same hemisphere. For this reason, the need for a passport varies. For example, if you will travel on a closed-loop cruise, you will not need a passport. A closed-loop cruise is when a trip starts and ends at the same port.

US citizens who will travel Mexico, Canada or the Caribbean, do not need a passport for re-entry. For re-entry a passport card, a NEXUS, SENTRI, or FAST card is acceptable. An enhanced driver’s license or government-issued ids are also accepted. For minors, a birth certificate, certificate of naturalization or certificate of citizen will work.

Other Countries

There are other countries that passport requirements for a cruise are implemented. For any US citizens who will travel on a cruise must have a valid passport even if they do not plan to leave the ship. Having a passport will make re-entry much more manageable in case there is an emergency that requires you to go before the cruise is over.

In some cases, passengers from a cruise get left behind at a port and must fly to another port to rejoin the cruise. Having a passport if something like that should make traveling easy. Also, some countries have their own rules that require cruise passengers to have a valid passport even if they do not disembark at the port.


A passport is not necessary if your trip is a closed-loop cruise. However, it is recommended to travel with one in case of an emergency that will require you to depart the journey to return to the US. Also, some countries need you to have a passport at the port of entry. So, it is best to travel with your passport to avoid any mishaps that may arise during your cruise.