Passport Offices – Services Offer by Passport Offices

Passport offices are in many locations throughout a state. Every site has certified agents who are trained to provide services relevant to the passport processing. Before visiting the facility, get all the necessary documents and fees together to prevent any mishap during the process. Documents include:

  1. the completed form (Form DS-11, DS-82, DS-64, or any other relevant type)
  2. proof of identification
  3. additional supporting documents

To find a passport office, you can go to a post office, courthouse, county clerk’s office, or some public library. Other facilities where passport applications are accepted are agencies and expedited services. Unlike the list of previous acceptance locations, agencies and expedited services cost more.

Post Office

The post office is the more common site most people submit their passport applications. Like the courthouse, county clerk’s office, and library, a new passport fee for a minor or an adult is the same. Also, the processing time for a new passport at all locations is the same. The average time to process a new passport is 4-8 weeks. Expedited or rush service is also available at post offices. In this instance, the processing time decreases by a half. So, an applicant may get a passport in 2-3 weeks instead of the standard time.

Expedited Service

Expedited services are usually provided by private companies which help with the rush processing of the passport application. For example, an expeditor submits all the documents, on the applicant behalf, by using an overnight mail carrier. Also, the word “Expedited” is print on the envelope, so at the processing facility, the application is given priority for processing. Once the new document is ready for mailing, the overnight mail carrier is used to deliver the mail to the owner. With this service, all the delay time is taken out, and this results in shorter processing time. The cost to use this service will include the expeditor fee and the application fee. So be prepared to pay more.

Passport Agencies

Passport agencies are another choice for processing a passport application. With this service, an applicant can get a passport in 24 hours but must apply in person. Agencies are in Federal Buildings; therefore, an appointment is necessary before going to one. To get an appointment, call the National Passport Information Center at (877) 487-2778. At the interview, all the supporting documents and forms must be submitted, as well as proof of emergency. There is only one set back with passport agencies. They are not in every state. So, an applicant may need to go to another if this is the choice to get a rush passport. Like expedited services, passport agencies service cost more than the average processing service.

So, the choice to process a passport application will determine the fees to pay. These prices do not include the cost of supporting documents but for the application and services only. Be prepared to pay more for services that decrease the processing time and to get a new passport in a hurry.