Passport Office: Clearwater County Auditor – Recorder

Orofino passport applicant looking to get a passport in Orofino, ID would need to visit the Clearwater County Auditor – Recorder. This clerk acceptance agent would be able to get you all the passport forms and passport requirements. If you need find another acceptance agent in Orofino we have found 1 in surrounding Orofino.

Clearwater County Auditor – Recorder EXPEDITED PASSPORT IN AS SOON AS 24 HOURS

Orofino residents if you are traveling within 30 days. You will need to expedite your passport application at either a passport agency in ID or a private expediting company in Orofino ID. U.S. Passport Guide provide all passport and visa services starting from $175.00.

Get Your Passport Now!

Routine U.S. Passport:

Waiting time in Orofino in approximately 6 weeks, and 4 weeks for expedited passport services.

Expedited Passport:

Yes! The Clearwater County Auditor – Recorder provide expedited services which takes about 2 - 4 weeks depending on time of year.

Passport Photo

No, The Clearwater County Auditor – Recorder does not provide passport photos.

Handicap Accessible :

Yes, the Clearwater County Auditor – Recorder is handicap accessible.





Hours of Operation

Monday 8:00:00 - 16:45:00
Tuesday 8:00:00 - 16:45:00
Wednesday 8:00:00 - 16:45:00
Thursday 8:00:00 - 16:45:00
Friday 8:00:00 - 16:45:00
Saturday Closed on all Federal Holidays. -

Disclaimer: Passport hours, time and phone numbers change we try our best to keep these information updated. Please verify with the Clearwater County Auditor – Recorder prior to visit. You could contact the Clearwater County Auditor – Recorder at the following phone number: 2084765615