Getting a Passport for a Convicted Felon


Are you thinking of traveling outside the US but worry you may not get a passport because you are a convicted felon? This article will provide information on how to get a passport so you can take your dream trip. However, keep in mind that after getting your travel document, you may not be allowed to enter the country you choose to vacation because of their laws. Refusal is usually based on the type of crime you commit. Before we get to discussing denial of entry, first let us focus on why you may not be able to get a passport.

What can disqualify a Convicted Felon Passport Application?

The Department of State has a list of offenses that will prevent a felon from getting a passport. Even if you are guilty of any of these acts, there may still be a way for you to get a passport. So, go through the process before disqualifying yourself.

Major Offenses

There are significant offenses that will prevent a person from getting a passport. Some crimes that you were found guilty of and spent time in jail will likely disqualify your application. Three significant crimes are felony drug conviction, unpaid child support, and outstanding Federal loans and taxes.

Felony drug conviction can be an international arrest or one in the US. If you were arrested and convicted because of importing drugs into the country or exporting drugs out of the country, you could not get a passport while incarcerated or if you are on probation. You may even have your valid passport revoked.

If you are convicted of unpaid child support, usually owing $5000 or more, your application will be denied. To prevent denial and to be removed from The US Department of Health and Human Services list, you must make arrangements to pay your child support. Only so will your name be removed from the list. Of course, this will take time so you should start this process way before you start your application process.

For whatever reason, you received a Federal loan, and you did not repay the loan, your application will be denied. Similar actions like the child support must be done to get a passport. Make arrangements and start paying the loan will improve your chance of traveling abroad. If you owe back taxes, be prepared to be denied getting your travel document. Again, make arrangements to repay your balance and start paying your current taxes.

Once you can prove you are making positive changes in your life, you increase the chance of getting a passport.

Minor Offenses

Just as significant offenses may prevent you from traveling overseas, so do some small crimes. If you got arrested, released on bail, you could not get a passport if you apply for it; especially, if this is a demand from the courts. Also, if you have been ruled legally incompetent, your application can be denied. If your current passport was tampered with or altered, you obtained it through fraudulent means; your application will be denied.

Once you are aware of these offenses, seek advice from a professional servicer to know what you must do to prevent getting turn down. In most cases, the money you pay is non-refundable. So, make sure you will get a passport before losing your money.

Passport Application Process

Once you can get a passport, complete the form that best applies to you. If you are applying for the first time, complete Form DS-11. If your passport is older than 15 years, full Form DS-11. Complete Form DS-82 if your passport will expire or recently expired. Form DS-64 should be completed if your passport was lost or stolen.

Along with the correct form and fee, you must provide supporting documents. Supporting documents must be original documents or copies when asked. All the original documents you submit will return to you. You will receive them separately in the mail from your new passport.