Passport and Visa Directory


Passport and Visa directory will provide a list of places that offer the service of getting a passport or visa. There are many passport and visa services available to get a passport. Some provide the service to get a new passport in 8 weeks while others in a day. It all depends on you, the applicant, on how soon you need one to travel. The speed of the processing and the urgency to have one will determine how much you will pay. The best thing to do is get one as soon as you can or replace it before it expires.

To get a passport using the standard processing time, visit a post office, county clerk’s office, courthouse, or a public library. Before going to the county clerk’s office, courthouse, or library, make sure it is an acceptance agent since not all of them are. There are private expeditors or regional passport agencies who will assist applicants to get a passport in a rush.

 Passport and Visa Directory

In the US, there are many private expeditors but only 26 regional passport agencies. You can visit any to get a passport in a rush. Here is a list of expeditors and visa companies:

CIBT Passport and Visa National Passport Service Quick Passport Travel Docs US Visa Connections
Deluxe Passport Express Passport Depot Rush My Passport Travel Visa Pro VIP Passports
Fastport Passport Passport Visa Plus Rush Passport Travisa Passport Visa Passport Pro
G3 Visas Passport & Visa Express Sam’s Passport Travco Passport VisaRite
It’s Easy Passport Priority Passport Texas Tower Passport Urgent Passport Worldwide Visa Passport

The regional passport agencies are spread across the United States. Most states have one except for others with two or three. Here is a list of the regional passport agencies:

Arkansas Passport Agency Connecticut Passport Agency Los Angeles Passport Agency Philadelphia Passport Agency Washington Passport Agency
Atlanta Passport Agency Dallas Passport Agency Miami Passport Agency San Diego Passport Agency Western Passport Center
Boston Passport Agency Detroit Passport Agency Minneapolis Passport Agency San Francisco Passport Agency
Buffalo Passport Agency El Paso Passport Agency National Passport Center San Juan Passport Agency
Chicago Passport Agency Honolulu Passport Agency New Orleans Passport Agency Seattle Passport Agency
Colorado Passport Agency Houston Passport Agency New York Passport Agency Vermont Passport Agency

You can only get a passport at a regional passport agency. To get a visa, visit a visa servicing agency from the list above.