Passport Application – Application Forms and Supporting Documents


Obtaining a passport application requires several steps. The government will require you to complete key documents and forms to showcase who you are. The US passport application is Form DS-11. This is a two-page form requiring basic identification information as well as your photo and signature. Those who wish to obtain a new passport will need to complete this form in its entirety and submit it.

The form requires supplying key information including:

  • Your legal name as it is listed on a legal name change document (such as for a marriage license) or your birth certificate
  • Your Social Security number
  • Your home address
  • Your contact number, though you can add up to three phone numbers
  • A description of yourself including height, hair color, and eye color
  • An emergency person’s name and contact information

You will then need to submit the completed form along with proof of US citizenship, usually done with a birth certificate, along with a passport-sized photograph, a copy of your state-issued identification or driver’s license (not expired), and proof of travel plans. Your travel plan information will include an itinerary of travel if and when you need immediate processing. You must also submit the application fee.

Key Passport Application Needs

If you have special passport requirements and needs, consider these steps:

  • Renewal of an Existing Passport: Complete Form DS-82 with all information provided previously and submit it with the same documentation required for a new passport.
  • Passport for a Minor (under the age of 16): To obtain a passport for a minor, you will need to complete Form DS-11, which is the same documentation required for adults. In addition, if both parents will not be with the child at the time of attending the Passport Acceptance Facility, Form DS-3053 must be completed by the missing parent. This allows for assurance that both parents wish to have the passport completed.
  • Lost Passport: If you’ve lost your existing passport, you will need to complete a second DS-11 form and submit all data and information with it. You will also need to submit Form DS-64, “Statement Regarding a Lost or Stolen Passport.” Do the same if you are reporting a stolen passport.
  • Name Change Passport: If you have gotten married or otherwise legally changed your name, you must complete Form DS-5504 to request a new passport for an existing passport. This is the method required for newer passports. However, if your passport is more than a year old, file form DS-82, the Passport Renewal application instead.

Be sure to follow all details on the passport application to ensure your passport is expedited as quickly as possible and no delay occurs. For immediate service, consider a passport service to speed up the process.