Nigeria Visa – How to Get a Nigerian Visa for U.S. Citizens?


Nigeria, like many other African countries, requires you to have a Nigeria visa to enter and depart as well. For a US citizen to get a Nigerian tourist visa, you can apply online by going to the Nigeria Immigration Service site and complete the form. You can also go to the Nigerian Embassy or Consulate and apply in person. The processing time for a Nigeria visa is usually 3-5 working days.

Nigeria Tourist Visa

How to get a Nigeria tourist visa, you must first complete the form and submit it with the supporting documents. You can get the form online at the Nigeria Immigration Service site by downloading it. On the website, select your country and follow the instructions to complete the application. The form must be filled to its entirety to avoid any delays. Print the form after finishing it. You can pay at this moment. You can visit a Nigerian Embassy or Consulate and apply in person. At the time of applying, make sure you have all the other documents to submit with the form.

How to Pay for a Nigeria Tourist Visa

There are different ways to pay for your Nigeria visa application. While completing your application online, you can also pay online with a credit card or debit card. A money order is another acceptable form of payment. Due to many fraudulent activities related to Nigeria, it is advisable to inform your bank or credit card company of this transaction to avoid any delays. The cost for US citizens to obtain a Nigeria tourist visa is $160.00. The price is the same for a single-entry or a multi-entry visa.  

Submitting Your Application and Other Documents

You can submit your completed form and payment confirmation at the Embassy in Washington D.C. You must also send a valid passport, for the visa, two passport-size photos, and a letter of invitation or proof of hotel reservation. Your visa type may require you to submit more documents. To verify the necessary documents, check the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria website for a full list of documents needed according to the visa type. You can also mail your application to the same Embassy in Washington and address to the attention of Consular and Immigration, Embassy of Nigeria.

Entering and Exiting Nigeria

Like many countries, Nigeria is no exception when it comes to the six months passport validity rule. You must have a valid passport with at least one blank page to enter the country. With the approval of a visa, a US citizen can enter the country and stay according to the type of visa given. When you are leaving, you must present a valid visa otherwise you will not be allowed to go. It is essential to safeguard your documents to avoid any delays in your trip.