A Guide On How To Get A Money Order


There are many reasons why you will need a money order. However, the most important thing of using it is for security reason. Most money orders come with security embedded or printed on the paper. It is known as a watermark. Using this form of payment is secure, and that is one of the reasons why most places request a money order instead of personal checks. So, this guide on how to get a money order will provide information on where you can purchase a money order.

Getting a Money Order

Before you go and purchase your money order, know the amount you will need. This will make it easy when you visit the establishment to ask for the right amount. There are many places you can purchase a money order. Each site will charge a fee. It is best to do a search on which site costs the lowest price. We will provide a list of places you can visit to get your money order.


If you have a bank account, you can go to your bank and purchase a money order. Your bank may be one of many that do not charge a fee. When you get the money order, it may say a cashier’s check. A cashier’s check is the same as a money order. There is no need to panic. Printed on the check is the amount you purchased. If you were charged a fee, that amount would not be on the cashier’s check but your receipt. Make you’re the right amount is on the check before you leave the bank.

Retail Stores

Many retail stores sell money orders. You can visit pharmacies, grocery stores, and chain stores but each will charge a fee. The fees will vary; however, you will get your check. At the time of the purchase, make sure the right amount is printed on the check before you leave. It sometimes happened the amount you purchase is not written on the check, and this can become problematic when you use your money order.

Check Cashing Facilities

Many check cashing facilities sell money orders. A couple great check cashing places are Western Union and Money Gram. With these two establishments, you will see their logo printed on the checks. It makes it easy to recognize and likely to be accepted. There are other check cashing places which are not so famous, so make sure you visit one that has a good reputation.

Post Office

The post office is another place to purchase your money order. It is one of many where the fee is the lowest. Also, if your document got lost, stolen, or damaged, you can get it replaced. Another advantage of purchasing a money order from the post office is that it can be used internationally.

Filling Out the Money Order

When you start to fill out the money order, make sure it has the right amount. Most establishments money order will have an attach receipt that can be removed by ripping or cutting it off. You can write the same information on it to keep as a record. The receipt will also have the same set numbers found on the check which can be tracked by the vendor. The numbers are similar to a routing and account number you will see on a personal check. The receipt will be your proof of purchase.

Endorse Your Money Order

A money order is similar to a personal check. So, you will fill it out the same way. Start by putting the name of the person or company you will give the money order to. The title will be next to the “Pay to the Order of.” Write clearly as possible to avoid your check getting rejected. At the bank, you can ask the teller to print the name on the check for you.  Most places would give you a blank check.

Write Your Personal Information

Most money orders provide an area for you to write your personal information. Fill in your name and address. By doing so, it will make it difficult for another person to cash it if you lose it. After putting your information, sign the money order. Again, your signature is unique, and it makes it difficult for it to be cashed by someone else. The last thing to do would be to write to check that all the necessary information is on your money order. Once they are verified, you can now use it for the purpose you go it in the first place.

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