What to Do in Case Your Passport Got Lost, Stolen, or Damaged


It is a privilege for anyone to own a passport. Likewise, it is the bearer of the passport to keep it in a safe place to prevent it from being lost, stolen, or from getting damage. We all know that some things are beyond our control and when something happens with your passport, you must report it to the right authorities. So, who should you tell that your passport went missing or got damage and now you want to get a new one?

You Lost Your Passport

You have a trip coming up, and now you decide to look for your passport to make sure it is still valid. However, you are looking in the past place you usually keep it and cannot find it. You sit back, think of the last time you used it and start looking in other places again. Now panic starting settling in. It has been a while since you travel outside the country, so you know it is in the house but where? Well, no need to continue to panic.

You can report your passport lost to the State Department by completing a form and re-apply for a new one. The form to complete is DS-64 which can be found here. You have the option to complete the form online or print and complete it manually. You must also complete Form DS-11 and submit both forms. Along with the forms, including any supporting documents stated on the instructional section of Form DS-64.

Your Passport Got Stolen

For anyone whose passport got stolen, you must report it to the police to get a police report. Regardless if you are in a foreign country, you must report it to the nearest police station. The document given by the police can be used as evidence to get an emergency passport at the U.S Embassy or Consulate so you can return to the U.S.  Along with the proof of your passport stolen, you must complete Form DS-64 and also Form DS-11. Even though your document was taken, you are still responsible for the cost of your new passport.

You can obtain a copy of Form DS-11 here. Other supporting documents that must accompany the application must be submitted at the time you apply for the new passport. It includes proof of citizenship, identity, and passport size photo.

Your Passport Got Damaged

Natural disasters seem to be occurring more frequently. Flooding caused by widespread rain or hurricane hitting the east coast regularly leave people to worry about their lives and less about material things. So, if your document got damaged by water or fire and is still in your possession, you can re-apply to get a new passport.

To apply for a new passport if your current passport was damaged and you still have it, you must complete Form DS-11 and submit your damaged passport with this form. You must send a passport size photo and pay the cost of the passport.


Once you have met the entire requirement set forth by the State Department based on a lost, stolen, or damaged passport, you will get a replacement. If you do not, you may receive a list containing any missing document necessary to proceed with the process. It is best to read the instructional guide provided on each form before you complete and submit the form. Doing so will help to prevent a delay with the document processing and increase the time it will take for you to get a new passport. Also, keep in mind that regardless if you unintentionally damaged, lost or got your passport stolen, you will be responsible for the cost to get a new one. The forms you used to replace a passport will be the same ones to replace a U.S. Passport card.

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