Indian Visa for U.S. Citizens – The Ultimate Guide for India Travel Visa [2019]


Before taking a short or long-term trip to India, you must have the correct travel documents in hand to proceed through the boarding gates and onto your flight. As a US citizen, you will need to have an eligible passport and the Indian visa to continue on with your trip. To breeze through the collection of your travel documents, you must understand the different types of Indian visa for baby, child, and adult alike. You can get started with your travel preparations by using this guide to understand 72 hours to 10-year visa for Indian immigration and how to apply.

Types of Indian Visa for US Citizens

The length of time you intend to stay and overall purpose of your visit will help you determine the best type of Indian visa for US residents to acquire. Here are the options you will need to consider.


The Indian entry visa once covered all general-purpose visits but is now largely used by the consular service for spouses and children of foreigners of Indian descent and long-term visa holders. People who are joining a religious community or participating in international sports competitions also tend to qualify for this visa. Extensions are required every six months to keep this visa valid.


A business visa opens the doors for foreigners to move forward with professional pursuits within the borders of India. Professionals in certain industries, such as film, journalism and research, may qualify for visas designed specifically for their field. An Indian visa for USA citizen for 10 years is available for certain business ventures. Other business visas for US residents visiting India allow for short-term travel to attend conferences and other professional events.


To attend long-term study courses at educational institutions in India, you must hold a student visa. Although all studies are covered under this broad visa category, students attending yoga courses may refer to their document as a yoga visa. Student visas tend to last up to five years to allow for the completion of the educational program of choice.


The E-visa, or electronic visa, provides a quick and easy way to acquire this travel document for a short trip to India. With a quick online application, tourists can acquire a travel visa valid for 60 days. The E-visa can be used for visits concerning short professional events, medical care and other activities that fall within that time frame.


People who are traveling to India for medical care can acquire a medical visa for baby, child or adult. The medical visa allows you to acquire treatment and therapy from specialized medical centers in the area. You can stay in India on this visa for up to one year or until the completion of your medical treatments if they end sooner.


A transit visa allows for a brief stop in India on your way to other destinations. You can stay on this Indian transit visa for US citizens for up to 72 hours. At that point, you have to be on your way or apply for an extension or different type of visa.

Online Indian Visa Application for Adults, Children, and Infants

With a switch to digital handling, the consular service requires that you apply online for all Indian visas for adult, child and infant immigration, even if a naturalized US citizen. Every person you are traveling with, including children and infants, will need their own Indian travel visa, which may differ from yours in type.

Before you fill out the application, verify that your passport has been valid for at least 180 days, has two blank pages at a minimum and is not damaged in any way, as any of these problems could delay your trip.

As you move forward with the online form, complete all paperwork as completely as possible to clearly indicate the intended purpose and duration of your travels. Once submitted, the application paperwork will undergo processing and the decision will be sent to the Consulate General of India for your region of the United States.

Fill out the application well ahead of your departure date, as the processing time can take up to five business days. Once you receive an approval for your, and your companions’, visa for travel in India, you are clear to move forward with your trip.