How to Sign a Passport


Going through the process of getting a passport can be overwhelming. So, when you get your new document the first thing you must do is to check for any errors. You can check to make sure your name and your date of birth are printed correctly. If the information is not correct, signing the document will not make it valid. Once there is no error on the passport, now you can locate the page where to sign your name. Before you go ahead and sign the passport, use a black or blue pen. Do not use a maker of any color or pencil to sign. You will realize how to sign a passport is not a big deal or requires any major doing.

Where to Sign the Passport

A passport issued to an adult must contain the bearer signature or name on the appropriate page. The page that requires the signature is page 3. At the top of the page you will see a bald eagle and the words: We the People and followed by the words of the Preamble to the constitution. You will also see the flag of the United States. At the bottom of the page, there is a line. Below the line, you will see “SIGNATURE OF BEARER” in caps.

How to Sign Your Passport

Once you have found the page and line, how to sign a passport is not as difficult. So, you can go ahead and print or sign your passport. For an adult who has a signature, this becomes a normal process. For others who do not use a signature, signing the passport can become a dilemma on what to do. If you don’t have a signature, it is recommended to print your name. Also, it is best to use whatever form you did when you signed the application. Regardless of how you sign, your name or signature makes it valid.

Locating the signature in a minor’s passport is done the same way as an adult passport. The minor or parent will sign on page 3. Regarding signing the document, an adult or guardian can print the minor’s name and sign next to the minor’s name if the child is unable to do so. If the minor is old enough to write or sign his or her name, then it must be done. Make sure the name is printed legibly. Once the passport is signed, it should be stored in a safe but accessible place.


Signing a passport should be a priority right after receiving the document. Check your new document for spelling errors or any incorrect information. If you notice any, return it with the right information. If the passport is free of mistakes, have your child print his or her name (if the child is able to do so), or you sign yours and keep it in a safe place. Once you do, your document will be valid and ready to use for traveling.

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