How to Obtain a Passport for Convicted Felons


How to obtain a passport for convicted felons? Convicted felons are eligible to apply for a United States passport, but in some cases, applications may be subject to denial. Those convicted of international drug trafficking crimes, for instance, are disqualified by federal law from obtaining U.S. passports. Passports may also be denied to convicted felons in the event that existing federal warrants are out for their arrest or they are prohibited from leaving the country by the conditions of their probation or parole.

Other considerations that may result in a denial of a passport for convicted felons are whether the applicant is under a release program designed for those with felony drug convictions, whether unpaid loans exist for costs associated with repatriation or unpaid loans obtained while serving time in a foreign prison. Applicants who owe child support in excess of $5,000 may also find that they are unable to gain approval for a U.S. passport. Applicants with felonies must follow the same steps as anyone else when applying for a passport.

Fill Out a Form DS-11

The first step is to thoroughly complete everything on the form DS-11 with the exception of signing the document. This is the basic passport application that everyone must fill out as the initial part of the passport application process, and it can be found on the U.S. State Department’s website. Applicants have the option of filling it out online or printing it out and completing the form by hand.

Documents Ex-Felons Provide to Obtain a Passport

The next step in the passport application process is to gather all of the necessary documentation together. These documents must be submitted with the passport application. Officials will return the documents after they have been examined. Acceptable documentation includes birth, citizenship, or naturalization certificates, consular reports of a birth in a foreign country, and prior passports.

Gather Necessary Identification

Acceptable identification for passport applications include state ID or driver’s licenses, military ID, birth or naturalization certificates, and previously issued passports. The applicant must provide photocopies of the ID for submission with the paperwork and afore-mentioned documents.

Have Passport Photos Taken

Passport photos should show the applicant’s face clearly, be against a white background, be two-by-two inches in size, and be taken within six months of submitting the passport application. Local post offices and photo processing businesses may be equipped to take the pictures.

Submit Application

The final step in the passport application process it to submit the completed application along with the required documentation and processing fee. These items must be delivered in person if it has been more than 15 years since the last passport was issued or if it is the applicant’s first passport.

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