The Full List Of U.S. Passport Requirements


Getting a United States passport is a fairly simple process that you will need to go through if you are going to be traveling outside the country. If you are planning an overseas trip, it’s a good idea to plan ahead because in most cases it takes several weeks to obtain a passport.

The U.S. passport requirements include going in person to a designated passport office, which is also known as a passport acceptance facility. Some facilities require appointments while others don’t, so it’s a good idea to call ahead to see if you need an appointment.

Required Documents For A Passport

You will be required to provide certain documents in order to obtain your passport. Proof of citizenship will need to be documented with a birth certificate or naturalization certificate. This document must be an original or certified copy. A photo ID that is government issued, such as a drivers’ license, state-issued ID or military ID, will also be required. You will need to provide a color passport photo and pay fees using a check, money order, credit card or cash.

There are additional passport requirements if the applicant is a child. You will need to provide proof of relationship to the child with a birth certificate or adoption decree. Both parents have to appear in person, or a consent form will need to be signed by the absent parent.

The Application Process And Costs

You will need to fill out the appropriate application form when applying for a U.S. passport. Form DS-11 is the application form for a new passport, and this form needs to be filled out completely in black ink. If you miss any questions or write illegibly, it could result in delays. The form should be signed in the presence of the agent at the passport acceptance facility.

Special circumstances could lead to other passport requirements. For example, if you have had a name change, additional forms documenting this change may be required.

Processing of a passport application typically takes about six to eight weeks. The process can be shortened if you request expedited service. For expedited service, you will need an appointment at a passport acceptance facility, and you will need to provide proof of upcoming travel or emergency.