Fastport Passport


Fastport Passport is a visa and passport service company in New York. If you need to expedite your application, Fastport Passport has many years of experience with the process. Getting your document will be an easy and stressful process with them.

Fastport Passport offers a number of services to get a passport. If you need to get a new passport, renew your expired passport, a child passport, or replace a lost or stolen passport, you will get the help you need. You have the option to mail your documents.

Fastport Passport Expedited Passport Fees

Service Fast Passport Fee
1 1 Business day $349.00
2 2 Business days $299.00
3 3-4 Business days $249.00
4 5-7 Business days $179.00
5 8-14 Business days $119.00
6 15-20 Business days
Adult Renewal ONLY

Government Processing Fee

Service Government Fee
1 New Passport Adult (16 and older) $170.00
2 New Passport Child (Under 16) $140.00
3 Passport Renewal $170.00
4 Acceptance Agency Fee $35.00
5 Passport Card Adult/Minor $90.00/$75.00
6 File Search Fee $150.00

Fastport Passport Address

Address Telephone Number
1 Fastport Passport
1318 Coney Island Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11230
Tel: 1-877-910-7277
2 Fastport Passport
950 Peninsula Corporate Circle
Boca Raton, FL 33487
Tel: 1-877-910-7277