Fast Passports – What is the Fastest Passport Processing Time for 2019


To get a fast passport, you must complete your application form, have the supporting documents, and proof of travel plans. Having all the necessary documents will make the process go smoothly. The cost of getting a fast passport is way more than the price at the post office. There are different options to get a passport in a hurry. You can choose from expedited processing to next day processing.

Gather Your Documents

Before you begin the process, gather all the documents you will need to get a rush passport. Here is a list to get a new passport:

  • Passport form (DS-11 or DS-82)
  • Supporting documents
    • US birth certificate
    • Consular Report of Birth Abroad
    • Certificate of Naturalization
    • Certificate of Citizenship
  • Passport-size Photo
  • Expired passport (must be undamaged and less than 15 years old)
  • Proof of travel
    • Flight itinerary
    • Hotel reservation
    • Cruise reservation
  • Letters of Authorization
  • Company letter (just for a business trip)
  • Emergency proof ( only if the trip is emergency related)
  • Fees (application, execution, and service)

Fast Passport Processing Options

Expedited Processing: You can submit your application at a post office and use expedited processing to get your passport in 2 to 3 weeks. With this choice, you must provide your application form, supporting documents, proof of travel, and fees.

Private Expeditor: A private expeditor can get a passport in less than two weeks. You can submit your documents via overnight mail or visit an office to present them. An expeditor will request additional documents than the post office. The documents you must provide are passport form, supporting documents, proof of travel, two letters of authorization, company letter (if applicable), emergency proof (if applicable), and fees. The cost will vary because of how soon you need your new passport.

Regional Passport Agency: A regional passport agency requires you get an appointment before coming to the office. To get one, call the National Passport Center toll-free number. You may get an interview in your state if an agency is there, or a state where one is located. At the meeting, you must submit your documents that include the passport form, supporting documents, proof of travel, company letter (if applicable), emergency proof (if applicable), and fees.

Once you can give all the necessary documents to get a fast passport, you will have one in no time.