Expedited Visa Processing Time


A visa is a document issued by a country to a foreigner to enter, remain within, or to leave at a given time. It is provided with conditions that are usually linked with the duration of time the holder can stay in the country. Also, the visa has the dates to enter, how many times to re-enter, and if the individual can work if permitted. So, many countries offer a variety of visa types. None is guaranteed entry and can be revoked at any time. The most common visas that are given are tourist and business visas. So, if a country you plan to visit request you get a visa, an expedited visa is an option to get it in a rush.

How Expedited Visa Works

Applying for a visa can take weeks due to the requirements placed by the country issuing the visa. There are two options to apply for a visa. It can be done by submitting the necessary documents by mail to the consulate or embassy nearest you. The other is getting a visa company that will send the documents on your behalf.

The first choice would be good if your trip is in the distance future. However, be careful since the visa is valid from the time it is issued. The next option can get you the visa right before you leave for your trip. The next choice usually picks by individuals how must travel soon and do not have the time to wait for standard processing.

A visa company expedites the process and would get you the document in a shorter time than the usual time it takes to process the application. However, it will cost you to decrease the time. But, you will have your travel document on time without you having to worry about the process. Some visa company offers a 24-hour service or within fourteen (14) days to get a visa. The longer time is still faster since some countries’ process can take up to a month.

Is Expedited Visa the Better Choice for You?

There could be many reasons not to use a visa company to get a visa. If you have the time to apply on your own, then go ahead. Keep in mind that a visa has an expiration date and cannot be renewed. However, if you prefer someone else to deal with the bureaucracy, then a visa company is the better choice to get a visa.

If your trip is sooner than you had expected and there is not enough time for you to get a visa on your own, then hire a visa company. By having the visa a few days before your trip, you will have more time to spend abroad if necessary. You may not need to apply for an extension while on your trip if your visa still has some validity.

The price may seem high at first but not having to deal with the process can be a big relief. A visa company will take care of everything; meanwhile, you can be planning your trip. So, let the professionals do the heavy lifting while you pack your bags. It will be one of your better decisions to get an expedited visa.