DS-5525 – Non-Applying Parent Consent Form


Even the standard procedure for obtaining a passport for a child (minor) requires the completion of a larger sum of documents than does the application process for an adult’s passport. If both parents are not available to sign the requisite documents, the completion of an even greater number of documents is required. For instance:

  • If you are the parent of a child whose family circumstances qualify as “exigent/special,” you will be required to complete Form DS-5525: Statement of Exigent/Special Family Circumstance.
  • If you and your spouse are both living, a passport application for your child (children) requires both of your signatures.
  • If one parent is not able to sign the required documentation, the other parent or guardian must fill-out Form DS-5525 explaining — in detail — why the other parent’s signature is absent.

Common reasons include absenteeism; incarceration; a restraining order preventing contact with the children or (ex)spouse; and mental capacitation.

However unique you and your child’s circumstances, Us-Passport-Guide.com make the application completion process simple and straight-forward. Us-Passport-Guide.com can expedite your child’s passport in 14 days, even less if necessary. If you have an emergency situation that requires the expedition of your child’s passport to happen even more quickly, we can have your child’s passport in your hands within 24 hours.

In order to expedite your child’s passport quickly, please complete the forms provided in our Child (Minor) Passport Expedition Checklist, then follow the Us-Passport-Guide.com handling instructions below the list. Make certain to include any and all documentation that can serve as proof of the exigent/special family circumstance. Include:

  • Any court orders
  • Public records
  • Police reports
  • Proof that the impotent parent or guardian is missing including failure to file taxes, warrants for arrest, creditor pursuit and/or probation/parole violations.

The more information you include in the Statement of Exigent/Special Family Circumstance Form DS-5525, and the greater the detail of that information, the less likely your child’s passport application will be delayed.

In addition to expediting passports quickly and without hassle, Us-Passport-Guide.com is here to help you solve problems and overcome potential obstacles. If you have any questions, we are always available to assist you via email or on our toll-free line. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the Statement of Exigent/Special Family Circumstance Form DS-5525.