DS-5504 – Application for Name Change and Data Correction


Both a name change that occurs within one year of the date of a passport issuance and a printing and spelling errors are free services provided by the U.S. Government. However, expediting a name change passport application requires a $60 U.S. Department of State expedition fee and an expedition fee to the intermediary agency. If a year has passed since you received a new passport, you will be required to pay a passport renewal charge.

The time required for the Department of State to process a name change or printing/spelling error is anywhere from four-to-six weeks. If you require a new or corrected passport more promptly than the usually allotted time, you can reduce the processing time by visiting your regional passport agency. However, a registered courier expediting company can reduce the time required to less than three weeks. If you need your passport even sooner –if you already have travel plans and need your new passport immediately,– Us-Passport-Guide.com can put your new or corrected passport in your hands within 24 hours.

In addition to spelling errors, the U.S Department of State will correct — for free — mistakes pertaining to gender; birthplace and date; date of issue; and date of expiration. However, the free service only applies if the spelling error or mistake is corrected within one year of issuance. Again, the free service requires one month to six weeks to process.

Requisites for a Spelling Correction or Passport Printing Error:

  1. Applicant must complete Form DS-5504 Name Change, Data Correction, and Limited Passport Book Replacement Application.
  2.  Applicant must submit a color photo that differs from that in the current passport.
  3.  Applicant must provide proof of the name change or of the error on the current passport.

*Remember, unless your passport was issued in the last year, you require a passport renewal, not a name change, data correction or limited passport book replacement. Prior to completing Form DS-5504 and paying to have your passport correction expedited, review the date of issuance.

Regardless of whether you require a corrected passport or a passport renewal, Us-Passport-Guide.com can expedite your passport in as quickly as 24 hours.