DS-10 – Birth Affidavit Passport Form


All U.S. Passport Applications require proof of citizenship such as naturalization paperwork or a birth certificate.

You will need to submit a birth affidavit when your birth certificate is not available. The affidavit must come with:

  • A notice indicating that no birth record exists
  • A photocopy of both sides of your ID

You may also submit a birth affidavit with other birth records. Birth affidavits must be made by a person who has immediate knowledge of your birth to prove you were born in the U.S.

Here is a list of persons who must complete your affidavit:

  • A blood relative
  • An attending physician
  • Or another person with knowledge of the birth

Affidavits will be kept by Passport Services.

Birth Affidavit for Passport DS-10

Form DS-10 is one way to prove U.S. citizenship. It is considered a secondary form of U.S. citizenship evidence, and it may be submitted to further establish citizenship.

How the Passport Form DS-10 is Submitted.

  • Form DS-10 should not be completed by the applicant
  • It is to be turned in with other documents to the acceptance agent

(Refer to the Instructional Checklist for more information on documents and the correct process for the type of passport you require.)

The form must be completed by someone who has personal knowledge of your birth having taken place in the U.S.; thereby, proving your citizenship. The form needs to be notarized and submitted with information about how the person completing it knows that you were born in the U.S. It is best that it should be completed by a biological relative when possible and should be accompanied with confirming documentation if there is no birth record available. The form also must be submitted with a photocopy of both sides of the ID of the person who completes the affidavit.

About Early Public Records

  • Form DS-10 is not accepted as evidence of citizenship.
  • Form DS-10 must be submitted with other records to prove citizenship.
  • Early records are available documents showing the applicant’s name, birthdate, and birthplace.

This includes Hospital birth certificates, Baptismal certificates, Early school records, Census records, and Doctor’s records.