Deluxe Passport Express


Deluxe Passport Express is a courier service that will deliver your documents to the appropriate location. If you are in a rush to get a passport, Deluxe Passport Express will overnight your documents and deliver your passport in the same form.

Both locations are in New York City, so if you live in the area, you can stop by the office or with just a phone call they will come to you. So, don’t hesitate and get your trip delayed, contact Deluxe Passport Express to deliver your documents quickly.

Deluxe Passport Express Fees

The fees at Deluxe Passport Express will vary and goes according to how soon you will need your document. Here is a breakdown of the cost:

Service Deluxe Delivery Time Deluxe & Government Fees
1 Emergency Passport Processing Passport process in 2 business days $175.00 + Government Fees
2 Rush Passport Processing Passport process in 3 business days $150.00 + Government Fees
3 Quick Passport Processing Passport process in 4 business days $125.00 + Government Fees
4 Expedited Passport Processing Passport process in 5-7 business days $100.00 + Government Fees

Deluxe Passport Express Address

Both locations are in Brooklyn, NY. You can visit the office or make contact by phone or E-mail. Here is the information:

Address Phone Number
1 Deluxe Passport Express
57 Lee Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
2 Deluxe Passport Express
5014 12th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219