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Signs You’re a Frequent Flier

Some of us may fly once or twice a year to visit our families, go on a vacation, or to a conference. The distance can sometimes discourage us from doing it frequently.  For others, flying is all they think about. I have a friend that fly about five times annually. Imagine another person flying ten times a year. Do you know how many frequent flier miles these people rack up annually? A large number I would imagine.

Well, if you are one of many who frequent flies, there are many incentives offered by airlines. The most notable one is frequent flier miles. You are getting such an incentive to encourage flyers to register with at least one airline. So, after looking at comments from frequent fliers, we compiled a list of notable signs that will determine whether you’re a frequent flier.

Signs You’re a Frequent Flier

Frequent Fliers Get the Best Bargains

People who travel often have a different way of traveling than the rest of the traveling population. Oftentimes, they know things the average flyer doesn’t and get deals the average flyer wouldn’t receive. From airline miles in the thousands to knowing every plane by name, there are distinctive signs that you know more than a casual flyer. Besides knowing the signs, there are many rewards and benefits of flying so often.

You Know the Airport By Code

The first sign comes before even getting to the airport. Traveling enough by plane makes you refer to a city by the airport code, not by the name of the city. When you get your passport out to go through the checkpoints, you have no problem rehearsing your passport number back 10 times over. In addition to also getting the fast pass through TSA, you also tend to sit in the premium lounge designated for people with first class tickets or a lot of miles to their name.

You Know the Flight Attendants by Name

Getting on a plane is like entering your second home, and there’s a good chance you know the names of most of the flight attendants and they know yours. You spend so much time on the plane that you do most of your shopping through SkyMall instead of regular stores. As you’re mumbling the airplane safety message that’s been ingrained in your brain, you remember that once again your passport has no more space for stamping and that it’s time to get a new one.

Your Check-in is Quick

While the signs of being a frequent flier are visible once pointed out, being a frequent flier is not a bad thing at all. In fact, there are many benefits for those who travel all the time. One of them is easy check-in. Instead of having to wait in long lines to check in, your information is already stored in the databases of the airlines which saves you some time on the lines.

Get the Most Frequent Flyer Miles

Another luxury is all the frequent flyer miles you build up over time. These miles pay for other flights, amenities and anything from the SkyMall. You can also trade your miles for experiences such as vacations, sports events, and music concerts. Frequent flyer miles points allow you to upgrade yourself to business or first class from economy class if there are available seats.

Although traveling might be a big time consumer and can have its downsides, the rewards that come with traveling just make it worth it to go around the world and see what the world has to offer.

Top Beaches in the World with Passport and Visa Guide

There’s few things in life that top the experience and joy of a beautiful beach in warm weather. Regardless of the time of the year, these places remain unphased by whatever kind of weather the rest of the world is facing. The beach is the ideal place to go to clear your mind in even clearer waters. Whether it’s you taking your family for a joyous adventure on the sandy shores, or it’s the final destination for settling down after retirement, the beaches listed provide unforgettable memories which might make you want to stay forever (in no particular order).

It is also important to know what laws apply to each country whose beaches you intend to visit. Every country has different passport and visa rules which must be abided to not face any consequences. Below we provide the most exquisite beach destinations around the world and how to make sure you arrive there safely.

Balos Lagoon Beach

Kissamos, Greece

Located over 70 miles from mainland Greece, Balos Lagoon is globally known for its turquoise waters and contrasting white sands. Filled with rocks, caves, and sea turtles, Balos is the place to go for a beach trip unique in every way. You can travel there by plane, but most trips are done by ferry.

In order to travel to Greece, you will need a passport that has at least 3 months of validity remaining. Although you need a passport, a visa is not required if you are in Greece for 90 days or less regardless of your reason for travel. What you will need is a return ticket from Greece and some form of proof that you are financially capable of traveling to Greece. Proof of financial stability can be any proof of money balance or employment.

Baia do Sancho Beach

Fernando de Nornha, Brazil

Like Balos Lagoon, Baia do Sancho is an island which has a mainland counterpart which in this case is Brazil. Unlike Balos Lagoon, there is no ferry to Baia do Sancho, only a plane which only makes two trips a week. This exclusivity allows for a beach experience unlike any other. Baia do Sancho is a semi-circle beach shore with sapphire blue water that unlike most tourist beaches are not crowded at all.

To travel to Brazil, you will need a passport with at least 6 months of validity after the date of entry into Brazil. Also, you will also need a tourist visa approved by a Brazilian consulate or embassy along with a full itinerary of your trip that includes tickets home. Finally, proof that you can pay for your stay in Brazil will also be necessary for your trip.

Manly Beach

Sydney, Australia

Located on the shores of Sydney, Australia Manly Beach offers a 2-in-1 opportunity that a typical beach cannot provide: a beach directly next to a major global city. Not only is Manly Beach located in the perfect climate of Southeast Australia, but it is also a 30 minute ferry ride away from Sydney, one of the worlds most stunning cities. Contrary to what some might think about the uncleanliness because of it being located next to a city, Manly Beach is as unpolluted as any beach you can find.

Entering Australia requires a valid US passport and visa. A tourist or business visa for Australia will last you up to 90 days. A visa can be obtained online and is known as an Australian ETA. The ETA must be used within 12 months of issue. The visa also allows multiple entry, repeating the 90 day cycle as long as it is valid.

Kelingking Beach

Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia is full of amazing beaches since it is a massive collection of islands in a tropical biome. Amongst all the beaches in Indonesia lies one that quite possibly tops them all. Kelingking Beach is far from the biggest or most popular beach, but the few who get the chance to go to this secluded beach realize what separates this place from any other beach.

Traveling to Indonesia requires a passport with 6 months of validity and a tourist visa if you intend on staying for more than 30 days. You will also need a return ticket and proof of sufficient funds for your trip.

Bournemouth Beach

Bournemouth, England

Not all of England is what you think it is: rainy, cloudy and the last place you would think to go to the beach. But to every popular belief there are exceptions, and Bournemouth Beach is one of those exceptions. Located in Southwest England, the city of Bournemouth has a wonderful coast with its own microclimate. Besides the weather being delightful, the water of the English Channel is the warmest in England.

Unlike for most countries, where they require your passport to be valid for a certain number of months before entry, England (United Kingdom) only requires that your passport is valid for at least as long as your trip is. You won’t need a visa either if you are traveling to England for 6 months or less for tourist purposes.

Phuket Island Beach

Phuket, Thailand

Over the past few years, Phuket island has become a top tourist destination for people from all around the world. Unlike the previous beaches discussed, we won’t be talking about just one beach. Every beach on the island of Phuket from Mai Khao to Banana provides an amazing time for any traveler. Since there are so many beaches to choose from, no one beach becomes overcrowded.

Anyone traveling to Thailand, including Phuket needs a passport with at least 6 months validity past the length of stay. When getting a visa, you can get a visa on arrival from Phuket International Airport as well as through a Thailand consulate or embassy. You will not need a visa if you do not stay in Thailand for more than 30 days and are only there for tourist purposes. If you are intending on coming to Phuket with a retirement visa, it needs to be valid for at least 18 months to be allowed entry.

Spiaggia dei Cinigili Beach

Sicily, Italy

Commonly known for its food and fertile mountainous grounds, Sicily has developed a reputation for bringing people together on the beaches. An underrated location when thinking about the world’s best beaches, Spiaggia dei Conigli can easily be in the conversation, especially with its amazing concaving hills around the shore.

Despite Sicily being an autonomous region, the visa and passport laws for Italy apply. Passports need six months of validity beyond departure date, as well as two blank pages for stamping. You can be in Sicily for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa but after that need a visa.

Pink Sand Beach

Harbour Island, Bahamas

It is unlike any beach in the world in the most magnifying way possible. The name is no exaggeration or misdirection; the sand is literally pink. As a result of calcium carbonate materials such as corals and shells breaking in the water by the beach, Pink Sand Beach on Harbour Island has a distinction not many beaches in the world can lay claim to.

To enter the Bahamas, US citizens need a valid US passport along with a return ticket or other sort of proof that you plan on leaving. You can also use a passport card if you have one. If you are traveling to the Bahamas for tourism purposes for 90 days or less you do not need a visa.

El Nido Beach

Palawan, Philippines

El Nido is the northern part of Palawan island, one of 7641 islands in the Philippines. Enclosed by the rocky hills and other natural barriers, El Nido beaches provide an unforgettable journey. In addition, there are boat tours that take you in between the mountains, making memories for a lifetime.

As long as a US citizen has 6 months of validity from date of entry on their passport, they can enter the Philippines without a visa (as long as it is for no longer than 6 months for tourism purposes). Regardless if you have a visa or not, you will need a return or onward ticket.

Horseshoe Bay Beach


The name comes from the shape of the beach, and definitely does not disappoint. Like Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas, there are certain times of the year where the sand becomes pink for the same reasons. In addition to being just as stunning as any beach you can find in the world, the prices will also be generally cheaper than traveling over the Atlantic.

As long as you have a passport valid for 45 days from the date of departure and one blank page in the passport, there is no need for a visa if you come back to the US directly from Bermuda. You will need a return ticket upon arrival to prove you intend to leave in due time.

What To Know About The Microchip In Your U.S. Passport

Security has become a significant concern for many countries when it comes to identification documents issued. Not only on documents use to travel but also on spending. For instance, many cards like your bank or credit card have security features visible to you, the microchip.

The chip is used to store information about the bearer of the document. For a passport, the information obtained after scanning the chip will produce a person’s biometrics and address. Also, a photo of the person.

Why worry about your information getting stolen?

The RFID chip or radio frequency identification is more secure than you think. The State Department issues new passports with a chip that makes it difficult for anyone to take information from.

Security Measures Taken

  • First, to get information from a passport, it must be open and scan at a close range. So, if you are walking around with your passport in your pocket, losing your information to someone is next to impossible.
  • Second, the information on your passport will not help anyone to steal your identity. There is not plenty of information on a passport like there is on a credit or bank card. Also, if the data gets taken and change when the chip is scanned, your information like your picture pops up and the person using it will get caught right away.
  • Third, if you still think you prefer not to take any wrist with your passport, you can, but an RFID shielded wallet to keep it in. The wallet will prevent losing your information from being scanned by anyone who is not authorized to do so.

Other Documents with RFID Chip

Other documents have RFID chips or microchips embedded in them. For instance, credit and debit cards have this technology. Your credit and debit cards have way more information than a passport. So, you are more likely to give away more information from these documents than you will with a passport.

You will also find hotel room keys, company IDs, and other cards with a microchip. In all, over 80 countries around the world use microchips to secure people information.

Take Comfort With the Microchip

So, you can rest easy that RFID chips are secured to the highest level. However, not everything is 100% secure. For this reason and others, the Department of State continues to improve the technology so that your personal information is much hardy to steal from your passport or any other document or ID that uses a microchip.

How to Find My Passport Number

There are many reasons why you should know your passport number. We tend to tuck it away after receiving it and only take it out to travel. Well, here are some reasons why you should document the number and safeguard it.

Where to Look for Your Passport Number

If you recently got your passport, you should retrieve it to get the number. When you do, look inside, and on the first page, you will see your personal information. Your name, date, and place of birth, and your address. Below that information and at the bottom of the page, you will see a series of numbers. The numbers represent your passport number. It is best to photocopy this page and keep it in a safe place. If you can, scan it and email it to yourself. This way, you can access it whenever you need to.

Lost or Stolen Passport

If you lose your passport while traveling outside the country, the first thing to do is report it immediately. You can report your missing passport to the State Depart by phone, on the website, or by mail. You may visit the nearest consulate or embassy in the country you are visiting.

For anyone who is the country and will not travel soon, apply for a replacement at an acceptance facility. If you have an emergency and must go within 24 hours, hire a private expeditor or visit a regional agency for same day service.

Other ways to get Your Passport Number

If you lose your passport before recording the number, you may be able to get the number in different ways. Here are some options to get the number:

  • If you recently book a flight or still have your previous flight information, you may have your passport information on the flight itinerary. If you can retrieve an old email, you are just in look to get your passport number. If you are a frequent flyer; you can also get the number from that information.
  • If your job requires you to travel frequently, the person who books your flight may have a copy of your passport. Ask the person, he or she might surprise you with it.
  • You can order a copy of your passport record from the U.S. Passport Service. You may request the information by mail and provide your full birth name, legal name changes, birthday and city, telephone number, mailing address, email address, and the estimated date the passport was issued. You will pay $50 for a certified copy.

How to Apply for a Lost or Stolen Passport

You can apply for a lost or stolen passport by completing Form DS-64 and DS-11. Also, submit the supporting documents with the forms and pay the fee. Apply to any acceptance facility for the replacement passport. If you are in a rush and will travel soon, hire an expeditor or go to a regional agency for same day service. The cost will be more significant if you hire a private expeditor or going to a regional agency than if you go to the local acceptance facilities.