How to Get a Brazil Visa for U.S. Citizens


Brazil is the largest country in South America and one of the most beautiful to visit. It has some of the most amazing beaches in the world and a tourist attraction for many people worldwide. US citizens who wish to visit Brazil must get a Brazil visa to enter the country. You can apply for a Brazil visa online, at a Brazilian Consulate in the US, or a consulate abroad.

U.S. Citizens Applying for Brazil Visa Online

To apply for a Brazil e-Visa, you must first register online then follow these three steps: provide the necessary information, pay the fee, and then download the e-Visa. Here is a breakdown of each process:

Step 1: Provide the required information

Before you start completing the application, select the language and read the instructions carefully. Once you are finished reading, begin to fill in the blank spaces with your information. Make sure all the information you provide matches what you have in your passport. Take note of Brazil date format: Day/Month/Year.

Once you are done with filling in your personal information, upload your photo, signature and other supporting documents. Be sure to provide the documents that are needed for the type of visa you are applying for; otherwise, the application will be incomplete.

You must provide additional documents for minors traveling to Brazil. For example, absent parent authorization letter or both parents is the minor is going alone.

Step 2: Pay the fee

After providing all the necessary information, you can go ahead and pay the price. You may use a Visa or Master Credit card or a debit card to pay. Make sure your card is authorized to make international payments or else it will get declined. Once completed, you will be prompt to the final step.

Step 3: Download the e-Visa

Once you met all the criteria and got your approval, you will get a .pdf file with the e-Visa. Download and then print it. If possible, keep it on your mobile phone for easy access. You will present the visa boarding your flight and when you get to Brazil.

Going to a Brazilian Consulate

You can submit your documents and fees within 90 days after completing the form. But before you go to the consulate, you must schedule an appointment. The visa is usually processed within ten business days after applying. It may take a bit longer if the embassy has a large volume of applicants. You may request to expedite the process, but it will cost more to do so.

Brazil Visa Fees

The Brazil Visa fees will vary according to how soon you will need it. Here is a breakdown of the charges.


*Pricing is for informational purposes only and may likely to change.Expedited Brazilian VisasTo get a visa in a rush, you can go to a consulate or visit a private expeditor. With an expeditor, you can get a visa in a day or two. The expeditor will submit all your documents and fees while you wait. Once the visa is available, you can stop by to get it and be ready for your Brazil trip.

Processing Time Days To Process Visa Fee Process Fee Total Cost
Standard 10 $44.50 $25.00 $69.50
Rush 5-6 $44.50 $55.00 $99.50
Same Day 1-4 $44.50 $90.00 $134.50