Wyoming Passport Office Finder: Finding the Wyoming Passport Offices


Wyoming Passport Offices are all across the state. These facilities are in post offices, county clerk’s offices, courthouses, and public libraries. You may also hire private expeditors or a regional passport agency to process your passport application. A passport application includes a form, supporting documents, and fee.

Wyoming Postal Service

The post office is the most common site you will find Wyoming Passport Offices. Due to more extended operating hours, applicants visit post offices more than the other places when applying for a passport. At any post offices, there are two options to process an application. The first routine or standard and the second are expedited processing. With both choices, you will get your travel document.

Wyoming Passport Processing

The typical process requires that you submit your application and supporting documents. You must do so in person at any of the facilities. Also, pay the application and execution fees. Once all the application gets accepted, the process takes 4 to 8 weeks. You will then receive your new passport in the mail.

The expedited process requires the same documents but an additional document to show proof of travel. This service is for individuals who cannot wait four weeks since their trip is sooner. The process will take 2 to 3 weeks, and the cost is an additional $60.00. So, you must pay the application, execution, and expedite fees.

Other Processing Options

There are two other options to get a passport in less than two weeks. These services are provided by a private expeditor or a regional passport agency. However, due to its high priority, the cost can be substantial. You must also offer addition documentations that will give authority to these entities to act on your behalf.

A private expeditor will ask for your application, supporting documents, two letters of authorization, and a job letter if you will take a business trip. Of course, the cost of the service is dependent on how soon you need your document. You will then get your passport the same day or the next.

A regional agency first requires you to get an appointment. To do so, call the National Passport Information Center hotline to get it. Next, you must apply in person and submit your application, supporting documents, and proof of travel. Also, pay all the fees that apply to the application. Once approved, you will get your new passport immediately or asked to return for it. Your interview will be at the Colorado Passport Agency.