Utah Passport Office Finder: Going to Utah Passport Offices


If you need to get a passport in Utah, there are 54 passport offices in the state. When to submit a passport application, many of the acceptance agencies are located in post offices, some in the county and municipal offices, county clerks, and libraries. These are the documents to submit for a passport:

  1. Passport Form (DS-11, DS-64, or DS-82)
  2. Supporting Documents
  3. Passport Fee

Utah Post Offices

Before you go to submit your application to the post office, did you know there are two options to get it the process? Normal processing is the more common of the two. If you are not in a rush to get your new document, then this is the option to choose. It is the cheaper of the two and takes 4 to 8 weeks before you receive it in the mail.

The second choice is an expedited process which decreases the processing time to 2 to 3 weeks. However, it cost more and requires additional documentation. You must provide proof of travel to get approval.

Private Expeditor

Do you need a passport in a day to travel abroad but is not sure how to get it? Well, here is how you can get a passport in a day. A private expeditor acts on your behalf by submitting all the documents so you can get a passport. But, you must provide all the documents to them including two letters of authorization and a letter from your job, if you are going on a business trip. Of course, you must pay the application and execution fees; as well as the expeditor fee.

Regional Passport Agency

A regional passport agency offers the same services, but you must apply in person for a passport. Before you go to an agency, you must get an appointment at the National Passport Information Center. Unfortunately, not all state has an agency, so you will need to go to the Colorado Passport Agency. The cost will be as much as a private expeditor’s fee. This is why an agency is another option to get a passport.

Now you have the information to get a passport. So, visit your post office to submit an application or hire an expeditor or an agency if you need it the same day.