Texas Passport Office Finder: Find the Nearest Passport Offices in Texas


There are many Texas Passport Offices that will accept a passport application for processing. Some sites are in public buildings while others have a higher level of security. However, any of them will take your documents so that you can get a new passport.

The most visited acceptance facility is post offices. Others, like the county courthouses, county clerk’s offices, and the public library accept less passport application than the post offices. So, their hours of passport services are way fewer than the post offices. Nevertheless, all sites will help you get a passport.

Texas Postal Services

Texas Postal Services offer two ways to process a passport application. The first is for applicants who are not in a rush for a passport. Once all the application and supporting documents are submitted, it takes 4 to 8 weeks before you will get your new passport in the mail. The cost for using the usual processing option is the cheapest of all choices.

The next option is for anyone who cannot wait four weeks to get a new passport. It is called expedited processing. With this choice, the process takes about 2 to 3 weeks to get a new passport. Also, you must submit proof of travel to get approval. This option will cost more than the normal processing.

Same Day Service

There is one more option that will allow you to get a new passport if you cannot wait two weeks. Two businesses offer the choice. The first is a private expeditor. With a private expeditor, you can submit all your documents by mail. With the standard documents, you must include proof of travel, two letters of authorization, and a letter from your job. A letter from your company is only applicable if your trip is business related. Of course, you must pay all the fees including the expeditor’s cost.

The next business that offers same day service is a regional passport agency. Unlike the private expeditor, you must apply in person at an agency. Before you go to one, you must get an appointment at the National Passport Information Center. You may get it at the Dallas Passport Agency, Houston Passport Agency, or the El Paso Passport Agency. Once you have it, you can submit your documents including proof of travel and a letter from your job. Again, only if your trip is business related, you must include a letter from your place of work. Upon approval, you get your new passport right away.