South Carolina Passport Office Finder: Finding South Carolina Passport Offices Nearby


How to Find a South Carolina Passport Office Near Me:

If you live in South Carolina, you see South Carolina Passport Offices in a variety of buildings. At any, you can submit your application for processing. When you visit an acceptance facility, the agent is certified to review your papers. Once they are accepted, they will be packaged and forward to a processing facility for further verification. In the end, you will have your travel document in 2 to 8 weeks. South Carolina Passport Offices are in post offices, county clerk’s offices, courthouses, and public library. For faster processing, you can hire a private expeditor or a regional passport agency.

South Carolina Postal Services

At any South Carolina Postal Services, there are two options to get your application process. The first is routine which takes 4 to 8 weeks before you get a new passport. You must submit your form (DS-11, DS-64, or DS-82), supporting documents, and passport fee to the acceptance agent. The second choice is expedited which takes 2 to 3 weeks for processing. You must submit the same materials as you do for normal processing with an additional document. The other paper is proof of travel. It can be your flight itinerary. Once approved, you will receive your new passport in the mail.

Private Expeditor or Regional Passport Agency

If you cannot wait two weeks for a passport because of a sudden business trip or family emergency, then a private expeditor or regional agency can help. Any of these facilities can get a passport in a day or two for you. To obtain approval, you must provide specific documents to the expeditor or agency. Here is the list to give:

  • Passport form
  • Supporting documents
  • Two letters of authorization (only for a private expeditor)
  • Company letter (just if the trip is business related)
  • Proof of travel (flight itinerary)
  • Evidence of emergency (only if an emergency exists)

Once you get approval, you may get your travel document immediately or ask to return for it. A regional agency requires an appointment. To get one, call the National Passport Information Center toll-free number. Your interview will be at the Atlanta Passport Agency.

Now you have the information to get a new passport, visit the nearest acceptance facility. If you are not sure where to find one, go online and search for a post office near me or nearby. Since there are plenty of post offices in a county, you may get a long list. Before you visit, create a checklist to make sure you have all the necessary documents to void any delay with the process. If all goes well, you will have a new passport and ready for your next overseas trip.