New York Passport Office Finder: Find the Nearest Passport Offices in New York


Find New York Passport Offices Near Me

New York Passport Offices can be found in numerous buildings across the state. If you need a new passport for the first time or renew an expired passport, you can go to many sites that will accept your application. The most notable location to find one nearby is the post office. Other places to go are county clerk’s offices, courthouses, and public libraries. Any these sites you can submit your form (DS-11, DS-64, or DS-82), supporting documents, and fee. Your passport cost will be the same at each facility and is based on the processing option.

New York Postal Services

At every postal service, you will have two choices to process your passport application to get your new passport. The first choice is routine or standard processing. It is the usual way of processing and takes 4 to 8 weeks before getting your document in the mail. Most applicants choose it when they are not in a rush for a passport. Also, this choice is the cheapest of all the other options.

The second option is expedited processing. If you are in a rush for a passport and cannot wait four weeks or more, this is the best choice at the post office. It takes 2 to 3 weeks to process your passport application with expedited processing. To use it, you must show you are leaving in less than four weeks. Your proof of travel can be your flight itinerary or flight confirmation. Without evidence, you will be referred to standard processing.

Same Day Service

For emergency purposes like a sudden business trip or a family emergency, you can get a new passport the same day or the next business day. To do so, you must employ a private expeditor or go to a regional passport agency. Both services require some documents as proof to get approval.

An expeditor does not need you to have an appointment to use their service. You can get the service online or by calling a toll free number. If you choose to go into an office, the service will be the same. Here are the documents you must provide to your expeditor:

  • Passport form (DS-11, DS-64, or DS-82)
  • Passport supporting documents
  • Proof of travel (itinerary)
  • Two letters of authorization
  • Company business letter (just for a business trip)
  • Emergency letter (for emergency only)
  • Pay cost (passport, execution, and expeditor fees)

A regional passport agency requires you have an appointment before coming to an office. To get one, you must call the National Passport Information Center hotline toll free number. You will get it at either the New York Passport Agency in the city or upstate at the Buffalo Passport Agency. Here is a list of documents you must submit at your interview:

  • Passport form (DS-11, DS-64, or DS-82)
  • Passport supporting documents
  • Proof of travel
  • Company letter (for a business trip only)
  • Emergency proof (for the emergency trip)
  • Pay fees (passport, execution, expeditor)

Once you can provide all the necessary documents, you will get your new passport.