Nevada Passport Office Finder: Find the Nearest Passport Offices in Nevada


Nevada Passport Offices are located across the state.  These offices are in Post Offices, some in the county and municipal offices, county clerks and libraries. There is no regional passport office in Nevada. This means that you may need to travel to a regional passport agency outside the state if you need your passport in less than three weeks.

Nevada Post Offices

When you go to a post office in Nevada, you will discover there are two options to process a passport application. The first is the standard processing way most people use. With this choice, it will take 4 to 8 weeks after submitting your application and supporting documents to get a passport. The cost for normal processing is the cheapest among the other options.

The other choice available is expediting processing. With this option, it takes 2 to 3 weeks to get a passport. To gain acceptance for this choice, you must show proof of travel. You must also submit all the documents and pay the extra cost along with the application fee.

Expeditors and Regional Agencies

Anyone who is in need of a passport in a day or two can hire an expeditor or go to a regional agency to get an application process right away. To use these services, you must provide additional documents. Documents like proof of travel, letters of authorization, and a letter from your company if you will travel for business. The cost will include the application fee and the expeditor or agency fee.

A regional passport agency operates differently from a private expeditor. An agency requires an appointment, unlike an expeditor. To get an appointment, call the National Passport Information Center. You may need to travel to another state since not every state has one. The nearest agencies are San Francisco Passport Agency and the Los Angeles Passport Agency.

Visit your neighborhood post office and submit your application if you need a passport and can wait up to eight weeks. If you are in a rush, locate an expeditor or a regional agency to get your passport quickly.