Nebraska Passport Office Finder: Find the Nearest Passport Offices in Nebraska


Is this your first time getting a new passport or you need to renew your expired passport? There are many Nebraska Passport Offices in different buildings. You will find them in post offices, county clerk’s offices, courthouses, and public libraries across the state. Any of these sites will accept a passport application along with the supporting documents. A passport cost will vary, and that is because of the processing options available.

Nebraska Postal Services

The Nebraska Postal Services accepts more passport application than any other acceptance facilities. If you are not sure where to find a post office, search online for a post office near me to get a list. Since there are many post offices in a county, you will surely get a long list. Get familiar with the post office hours and if an appointment is necessary.

When you visit a post office to submit your passport application, you will have two choices for processing. One is for normal processing, and the other is for expedited processing. For normal processing, it takes 4 to 8 weeks after submitting your passport application for you to get a new passport in the mail. If you send an expired passport, you will get it back, and it will be invalid.

Expedited processing is for passport applicants who will travel in less than four weeks and need a new passport. Along with the usual documents, a copy of proof of travel is necessary to show when you will travel. By providing it, you can have your new passport in 2 or 3 weeks. Your passport cost will increase with this service.

Private Expeditors and Regional Passport Agencies

If your company decides you need to go to another country to do business and you don’t have a valid passport, you can hire a private expeditor. A private expeditor can help you get a new passport in a day if necessary. For circumstances like this, you must provide a passport application (including supporting documents), travel proof, two letters of authorization, and company letter. Of course, you must pay the cost related to the service and the passport application.

A regional passport agency offers the service but requires you submit your documents in person. It also needs you to get an appointment at the National Passport Information Center. Unfortunately, not every State has an agency. So, you may get your interview in a nearby State. The nearest agency is Colorado Passport Agency. Once you are given the okay, you will get your new passport right away.