Michigan Passport Office Finder: Find the Nearest Passport Offices in Michigan


Going to Submit Your Application at Michigan Passport Offices

Many Michigan passport Offices will accept a passport application for processing. Some sites are in public buildings while others have a higher level of security. However, any of them will take your documents so that you can get a new passport.

The most visited acceptance facility is post offices. Others, like the county courthouses, county clerk’s offices, and the public library accept less passport application than the post offices. So, their hours of passport services are way fewer than the post offices. Nevertheless, all sites will help you get a passport.

MichiganPostal Services

The MichiganPostal Services offer two choices when it comes to a passport application process. The first, standard processing, is chosen by most applicants. The need for a passport is not of importance so that they can wait the 4 to 8 weeks for processing. However, if you cannot wait that long, then expediting is best for you. With this choice, the process only takes 2 to 3 weeks, but you must provide proof of travel first. There is an additional cost when compared with standard processing.

Rush Processing Service

There is another processing service available so that you can get a passport in less than two weeks. The rush service is offered by a private expeditor and a regional passport agency. To use either, you must provide the usual documents for a passport and pay the passport fee. However, additional documents must be submitted as well. For example, you must provide proof of travel, two letters of authorization (submit to a private expeditor and not a regional agency) and a letter from your job (if your trip is business related).

Both businesses perform their services differently. Nevertheless, you will get a passport when you need it. For example, a private expeditor will do all the work for you. You do not even need to show up at the office. You just got to pay the cost of the service and fees. A regional agency requires you to get an appointment before showing up. To do so, you must call the National Passport Information Center to get an interview. At the meeting, submit all the necessary documents to get your new passport. The meeting will be at the Chicago Passport Agency which is the closest to your state. The cost for this service is substantial when compared to standard or expedited processing at the MichiganPostal Services.