Hawaii Passport Office Finder: Finding Hawaii Passport Offices Nearby


On the Island of Hawaii, you can visit Hawaii Passport Offices to submit your application. Do you know where to find an acceptance agency? Well, there are plenty and in the most convenient places. For example, an acceptance agent is in the post office. Also, you will find them in the county clerk’s offices, courthouses, and public libraries. All these places offer the same processing options, standard or expedited.

If you need a passport the same day or the next to travel, contact the regional passport agency or a private expeditor. With either of them, you must provide more documents, and the cost is substantial when compared to the post office.

Hawaii Post Offices

Once you submit your form (DS-11, DS-64, or DS-82), supporting documents, and fee, you will have two choices to get the application process. If you do not travel outside the US shortly, then you will use standard processing. The time it will take before you get your new passport is four to8 weeks.

The next option is expedited processing which moves a bit faster. It takes 2 to 3 weeks to get a new passport. With expediting, you must provide proof of travel which can be your flight itinerary. The cost will be more, $60.00 more, at the post office.

Same Day Processing

For applicants who must travel soon and cannot wait two weeks to get a passport, hire a private expeditor or go to a regional passport agency. To be able to use their service, you must provide more documents to show the urgency for a passport. Here is a list of papers you must provide when you meet:

  1. Passport form (DS-11, DS-64, or DS-82)
  2. Supporting documents
  3. Proof of travel
  4. Two letters of authorization (only for an expeditor)
  5. Company letter (just for a business trip)
  6. Emergency proof (for an emergency trip)
  7. Pay cost (passport, execution, and service fees)

A regional passport agency requires you get an appointment before showing up. One reason for this is the office is in a Federal Building that has plenty of security. To get a meeting, call the National Passport Information Center, and you will get it at the Honolulu Passport Agency. In regards to the expeditor, a face-to-face meeting is not necessary. So, you can submit your documents by mail and wait for your new passport by mail again.