Oregon Passport Office Finder: Going to Oregon Passport Offices to Submit a Passport Application


In Oregon, residents can go to any Oregon Passport Offices to submit a passport application. There are different prices related directly to processing time to get a passport. That is, you can have a passport from one day to eight weeks. The faster you need your document, the higher the cost will be to have it.

In Oregon, you can drop off your papers at a post office, county clerk’s office, courthouse, or a public library. All these facilities offer either routine processing or expedited processing. However, they vary in operating times. The post office has the most extended operating hours and accepts the most applications.

Oregon Post Offices

At the post office, you will meet a trained agent to assist with accepting your documents. Once approved, you can use regular processing that takes 4 to 8 weeks. With this choice, submit a passport form (DS-11, DS-64, and DS-82), supporting documents, and fee then wait for the new passport.

Expediting processing will take 2 to 3 weeks and requires proof of travel along with the same papers as normal processing. Since the process time is sped up, the cost is more than regular processing.

A Regional Agency or a Private Expeditor

A regional passport agency or a private expeditor can get a passport in less than two weeks if necessary. Selecting any of them requires more documents and has a higher cost. They both have their differences when getting a passport. Below is a list of paper to provide to use a regional agency or an expeditor:

  1. Passport form
  2. Supporting documents
  3. Proof of travel
  4. Two letters of authorization (only for an expeditor)
  5. Company letter (just for a business trip)
  6. Emergency proof (for an emergency trip)
  7. Pay cost (passport, execution, and service fees)

If you choose an expeditor, you can submit your documents by mail since the expeditor does not require a face-to-face meeting. Unlike the expeditor, a regional agency requires an appointment so that the applicant can submit the papers in person. To get an interview, call the National Passport Information Center to get your meeting. You will get your interview at the Seattle  Passport Agency.

By choosing any one of the two, you will have a new passport in no time. Before going, make sure you have all the documents to avoid any delay in the process of getting a passport for your trip.