Connecticut Passport Office Finder: Finding the Connecticut Passport Offices Near Me


Connecticut Passport Offices are all across the state. They are in post offices, county clerk’s offices, courthouses, and public libraries. All these facilities offer the same services. When you submit your documents, the clerk will verify them to make sure you won’t have any delays. The application fee will also be collected. Once approved, your documents will be sent to a processing center. To find a facility nearby, search online for passport offices near me.

Connecticut Postal Services

The post service offers two processing options. The cost of your new passport is based on the type of process you select. If you are not in a rush, you can choose routine or regular processing. With this option, the process takes 4 to 8 weeks until you get your new passport in the mail. This processing option is the cheapest between the two.

The second choice is expedited and is used to get a passport in 2 to 3 weeks. If you cannot wait four weeks, then this is the best option to take. To obtain approval, you must provide proof of travel that shows departure sooner than four weeks. Expedited processing will cost more than normal processing due to expediting of the process.

Connecticut Expedite Passport Services

If for any reason you need a passport sooner than two weeks and can provide proof of travel, you can hire a private expeditor or go to a regional passport agency to get a new passport on the same day. If you choose an expeditor, you must provide these documents:

If you decide to go to a regional passport agency, you must get an appointment by calling the National Passport Information Center. You will be given an interview at the Connecticut Passport Agency. You must submit these documents at your meeting:

  • Passport form
  • Supporting documents
  • Proof of travel
  • Company letter (for a business trip only)
  • Emergency proof (for the emergency trip)
  • Pay fees (passport, execution, expeditor)

Once you get approved, you will have your new passport to travel.


With all the options to get a passport, you should create a checklist to get all the documents you will need for your new passport. It will help you to know how a passport renewal works or which documents or passport renewal form to complete and submit. So, start the process well in advance to avoid paying a large sum of money in an emergency situation.