Arkansas Passport Office Finder: Finding Arkansas Passport Offices Nearby


Arkansas Passport Offices are in many buildings nearby and across the state. You can submit your application at a post office, county clerk’s office, courthouse, or a public library. So, there is always a passport office nearby. At any of the offices, the processing time can take from 2 weeks and up to eight weeks. The time will be based on how soon you need your travel document.

Arkansas Postal Services

At the post office, you can submit your application and select from two processing options to get your new passport. The first choice is the most common option chosen by applicants, routine processing. If you are not in a rush to travel, then you will not be in a hurry for a passport. This option takes 4 to 8 weeks before you get a new passport and it is the cheaper of the two. All you must do is submit your form, supporting documents, and fee to start the process.

The second choice is expedited processing and is mostly used by anyone who cannot wait four weeks to get a new passport because they have a trip before then. The process takes about 2 to 3 weeks after submitting your documents and proof of travel to get a new passport. Since the expedited processing is shorter, the cost increases by $60.00 when compared to the routine at the post office.

Same Day Processing

Do you need a passport to travel internationally in less than two weeks? If you do, a private expeditor or a regional passport agency can help you get one. But to qualify for the service, you must provide some documents that are not asking for at the post office. You must still submit your form and supporting documents. Also, you will send:

  •         Proof of travel (flight itinerary)
  •         Two letters of authorization (only provided to a private expeditor)
  •         A company letter (if you are going on a business trip)
  •         Proof of an emergency

Just a regional passport center requires you to get an appointment to submit your papers in person. To get an interview, you must call the National Passport Information Center toll-free number. Once you get approval, you may get the passport immediately or return the next day for it. The nearest agencies are Chicago Passport AgencyNew Orleans, and Houston Passport Agency

The cost for same day service is way more than normal processing at the post office. So, if possible try and avoid getting a new passport the last minute before you travel. Start the process early so that you pay the minimum fee for a passport and try to avoid an expeditor or agency fee.